The 2018 Event at Rebecca Farm:

July 18-22, 2018

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Halt Cancer at X




Sponsors and Patrons:

We couldn’t do this without the support of our sponsors and patrons!

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Shopping Fair & Festival:

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We invite you to come out and take in all The Event has to offer. Watch horse and rider compete, do some shopping, and bring the family for our weekend Kid Zone! Click for more information!


Volunteer Video

Volunteers are an essential and necessary component for putting on such a large scale Event. Watch this quick video on the importance our volunteers play each year.


Eventing Overview

Wondering what the sport of eventing is? Comprised of three disciplines, eventing is the triathlon of horse sports.




Thank you for your Support!

Rebecca Farm has always been about community. From the hundreds of volunteers to the 600+ competitors that made up last year’s Event at Rebecca Farm, it seems our equestrian family grows every year.

This year, we are honored to expand that community by welcoming young riders from across the continent and Canada for the North American Junior/Young Rider Championships, set to coincide with The 2017 Event at Rebecca Farm. The young rider championship is the only one of its kind hosted in North America. Some have even called it the “junior Olympics of eventing.”

But beyond the accolades, this competition means a lot to me, because I too was once a young rider. I understand the rush of excitement while on course, the incredible feeling of support that comes from being a member of a team and being cheered on by great spectators. It is my hope that each and every young rider feels those same things during the 2017 North American Junior/Young Rider Championships here at Rebecca Farm.

It has been my family’s hope, since The Event’s inception, that Rebecca Farm be a place of livelihood, education, and community for all, no matter ones age. Fortunately for us, that hope has become a reality. We remain humbled by the power of our community after all these years; it’s the same community that helped raise over $130,000 for Halt Cancer at X, and created a boom for the local economy here in the Flathead Valley.

In 2017, we hope to bring The Event at Rebecca Farm to new heights as we welcome a larger international audience. Whether you are a seasoned attendee, or experiencing The Event for the first time, my family and I could not be more thrilled to have you here. See you out on the courses!

--Sarah Broussard, Event Organizer